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Experience Nature on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The shoreline of Lake Michigan is full of wonderful adventures. The most populated and commercialized area is around Chicago, Illinois. This continues up the western side of the lake and across to the opposite shore of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

This lower portion of Lake Michigan's shores has the most people blended into various size communities. However, there are hundreds of ways to experience natural beauty across the upper portion of Lake Michigan.

The vast expanse of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest rests along the Wisconsin border of Lake Michigan separated by Green Bay. As we travel across the northernmost tip of our country's third largest Great Lake, we cross the border into Michigan.

The Upper Peninsula is one of the most unblemished stretches of nature in the United States. Three massive forests border one another spanning the peninsula. People travel from all over the world to visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula and experience this beauty.

Let's begin by taking at look at an interior lake inside the Upper Peninsula called Lake Michigamme. We'll share with you some excellent choices for accommodations across this area, including Lake Michigamme Campground Resort.

Michigamme Shores Campground Resort

The most viable route across the Upper Peninsula is Michigan Highway or M-28. The road spans nearly all the peninsula from east to west. It begins in the western-most part of the Upper Peninsula and it tracks towards the southern shores of Lake Superior, passing through Marquette, Michigan.

When you reach roughly the midpoint across the peninsula, you encounter a smattering of small lakes in Michigamme Township. At the bottom of the township is a large, rather oddly configured lake.

This is Lake Michigamme. It gets its name from the Native Americans who called it "large lake". Along the northeastern shore of Lake Michigamme is the Michigamme Shores Campground Resort.

This is a centrally located spot where you can experience more of the Upper Peninsula. The campground is on Purple Road and is a more traditional type of camping accommodations. There are 63 sites that provide full hookups.

You can also set up a tent at one of the 17 water and electric only sites. Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort has 10 pull-through sites that are 28-feet wide and 60-feet long.

If you're traveling the Upper Peninsula in a big rig, this a perfect overnight place to target. Each of the 80 total sites has a fire ring for campfires, plus pets are always welcome. Even if you're traveling by car, there are alternatives at Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort.

They have RV rentals available, plus a group of rustic, 3-bed cabins. Everything is within walking distance of the lake, with easy beach access. Cabins are stocked with all your pots and pans, glasses and bowls.

All your cooking utensils are there, plus there is an outside grill to cook. The only things you need to bring to one of the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground cabins are your blankets, a pillow, towels and yourself.

You can give your camper shower a rest during your stay at Lake Michigamme Shores Campground. There are full shower and restroom facilities, plus an on-site laundry. While you're in the middle of one of the most remote natural parts of the U.S., there is free Wi-Fi for guests. One nice feature is the flexibility of reservations.

You can stay for one night at the campground and move on, or you can stay for the entire season. With a full choice of watercraft, you may decide to stay longer than expected. Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort is a popular destination in the heart of the Upper Peninsula.

If possible, call ahead or request a reservation on their website. The campground opens on May 15 and season runs until October 15. You can reserve individual nights, full weeks, or secure a site for the entire season.

Other Accommodations Around Lake Michigan's Northern Shores

The central part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula is predominantly untouched nature. Within this vast expanse of heavy forest are a few places to stay. Here's a list of some accommodations proximal to Lake Michigamme.

Much of the area is accessible only by foot or small non-motorized boats. Inside Craig Lake State Park, it is not uncommon to come face-to-face with real live moose. Campsites are available, but with only the most natural amenities.

These accommodations are akin to a cabin, but sit in such a fashion that it's almost as if you're staying inside a tree house. Keewaydin Lake Yurt is one special place inside the Upper Peninsula that everyone should visit at least once.

Even when camping isn't your preferred type of overnight accommodations, you can experience the Upper Peninsula, plus all the amenities at Lake Michigamme from this spot. The Corner Café and Motel is but five miles from the lake.

These four accommodations provide you some overnight variety, but the focus is on rustic. Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort is the prime location to use as a central location. You can target your daily journey in any direction from here.

It's a perfect place to relax for the day between an intense nature excursion, or set out on adventure on the water. You have everything you need for a memorable time bonding with nature.